AMC Bridge was formed by a team of experienced industry professionals who focus on computer aided design, engineering and manufacturing. Since 1999 we have been delivering innovative solutions for CAD, CAE, CAM, PDM and PLM applications. We now help companies from all over the world because we believe that guaranteed high-quality solutions can only be realized through long-term cooperation with our clients and partners.

High-tech expertise

Understanding key business processes and grasping advanced technologies allows us to create software that meets the unique requirements of different fields

Delivering high quality solutions

AMC Bridge guarantees high-quality services that go through several levels of quality control and are compliant with the latest industry standards

Long-term investment in R&D

AMC Bridge successfully operates an internal research department, working on in-house project development

Long-lasting cooperation with our clients and partners

AMC Bridge values its clients and partners, that is confirmed by the frequency of customer return

Highly qualified workforce

AMC Bridge only invites the most talented employees to join the team and helps them constantly improve their skills


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