Зустріч з представниками компанії “КОСТАЛ УКРАЇНА”

25 травня 2017 року о 12-20 в ауд.615-22 відбудеться зустріч з представниками компанії  “КОСТАЛ УКРАЇНА“.

Компанія  “КОСТАЛ УКРАЇНА” є структурним підрозділом компанії  “KOSTAL” і займається проектуванням і виготовленням  автомобільної електроніки, широкої гами перемикачів, елементів керування для автомобілів. Сучасне виробництво, гарні умови для роботи і кар’єрного  зростання, пристойна зарплата, широкі можливості працевлаштування випускників КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського, привабливі можливості влітку попрацювати і заробити.
Про це та про інше на зустрічі розкажуть вам представники компанії.
Запрошуються студенти 4-5 курсів, що навчаються за галуззю знань “Механічна інженерія”.



АСКОН — найбільший російський розробник інженерного програмного забезпечення та інтегратор в сфері автоматизації проектної та виробничої діяльності. У продуктах компанії втілені досягнення російської математичної школи, більш ніж 25-річний досвід створення САПР і глибока експертиза в галузі проектування та управління інженерними даними в машинобудуванні і будівництві. Програмне забезпечення АСКОН використовують понад 900 промислових підприємств і проектних організацій, в тому числі понад 550 замовників в Україні. Continue reading



AMC Bridge was formed by a team of experienced industry professionals who focus on computer aided design, engineering and manufacturing. Since 1999 we have been delivering innovative solutions for CAD, CAE, CAM, PDM and PLM applications. We now help companies from all over the world because we believe that guaranteed high-quality solutions can only be realized through long-term cooperation with our clients and partners. Continue reading



The PROGRESSTECH-UKRAINE Company is the most dynamic part of the PROGRESSTECH group of companies. It was founded in 2007. The primary aim was to increase volume of engineering and consulting services as well as to attract additional resources in the CIS countries.

The main focus of the company’s work is engineering and consulting services in the area of design of aircrafts, automobiles and airports as well as civil engineering. Continue reading



“Farmmash” Ltd. – a modern high-tech company, operating in the B2B market. The main directions of the company – the packaging and closures for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. The product quality of “Farmmash” meet the high demands on quality and safety of packaging products company partners.

“Farmmash” Company – was founded in 1999 as a manufacturer of plastic closures – metering products.

Since 2005 LLC “Farmmash” cooperates with the world leaders in the field of injection molding machines, the companies “Demag” and “Engel”. As a result, annually updated park of injection molding machines, which ensured the quality of products and guarantee uninterrupted supply to customers.

In 2007, it commissioned a new production facility with a total area of ​​3000 square meters, which was successfully operated 20 units of equipment.

Giving preference to the quality of products, the company carried out the transition to the operation of hot runner molds. The use of these systems is aimed at improving the quality of products (with the exception of technological waste are given the opportunity to recycle only the primary raw material) As a result of the high quality assurance of products.

Screw caps and caps are made by twisting technology in the mold, which eliminates deformation of the threaded portion when removing product, which guarantees a quality connection to the mating product-cap bottle and prevents the cover when winding the scroll on the neck of the bottle.

To optimize new product development and production process, the company created its own design office. design and development team creates the concept of new products and new equipment models using the technology CAD-systems, taking into account the wishes of our customers.

Since 2009 the commissioning tool manufacturing site press – forms, stocked precision metalworking equipment made in Germany, Switzerland, is running a first-class team of experts with extensive experience manufacturing precision tooling.

The company has implemented a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001: 2008.

The company can offer a full cycle of production of polymer products from concept to manufacturing products of the mold, followed by the release of the finished product. In this case the customer receives the final product, and we guarantee the delivery of high quality products and on time.

about nas2

LLC “Farmmash” – a strong and stable company that is ready to cooperate within the framework of long-term investment projects, not only to Ukrainian companies, but also with companies in Europe.

Reputation, experience, product portfolio allows us to expand the geography of supplies to foreign markets: Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Turkey, North America, Romania.

We invite you to talk about the establishment of partnerships and cooperation of all interested persons!



KOSTAL develop and produce technologically advanced electronic, electromechanical and mechatronic products for major industrial organisations.

In 2012 the independent family company, with its head offices in Germany, celebrated its centenary year.

The Group has 46 locations world-wide in 21 countries on four continents, with a work-force of about 16.947 people (79% in foreign countries), ensuring competent and flexible service on a local basis. The KOSTAL Group is divided into four main Business Divisions : Automotive Electrical Systems, Industrial Electronics, Connectors, Test Technology (SOMA) and Solar Electric.



“Biakom” LTD was founded in 1997 and nowadays it is one of the biggest suppliers of electronic components and systems in Ukraine with its own building (total area 5000 sq. meters) and warehouse (1000 sq. meters) in Kiev and more then 100 employees. Continue reading



Now JSC Alpha Center consists of several production companies, each of which heads the separate direction and is independent division in company structure, taking thus a worthy place in the segment of the market. During the existence the firm developed into powerful production corporation which is able to solve difficult and complex problems of preparation and a mass production from separate details and knots to complex products in the most different areas. The big role in this process belongs to our design office and tool production.

Working at the different markets, the production directions form vertically structured company in which are effectively used the long-term experience, the integrated economic and production potential, and also philosophy of continuous development and advance.

Most of all in our work we appreciate the reputation, as reliable partner for all our clients.