FabLabKPI has been opened on June 19, 2018 as a result of the international project ERASMUS+ 561536 (2015-2019). Main part of the equipment has been purchased due this project. But we also have gotten an additional equipment from business partners and KPI. Now FabLabKPI has two premises in which all equipment are located and where we are providing the implementation of certain projects. For machining work, we have two CNC milling machines, a drilling machine, workbenches for metal working and tool sets. Additive technologies are implemented using two 3D printers, and for electronics work FablabKPI has two convenient workplaces fully equipped including: power units, digital oscilloscopes, soldering stations, tool sets etc. The main activity of FablabKPI is realised projects by students of our university.

FabLabKPI operates on the basis of the Department of Integrated Manufacturing Engineering Technologies of the Mechanical Engineering Institute and the Department of Mathematical Methods of System Analysis of the Institute for Applied Systems Analysis and is part of the structure  Sikorsky Challenge.

Experience in implementing a number of projects, some of which are educational, and some are start-ups. The educational project is the Formula Student. Startup projects are related to artificial intelligence, promising transport, wind power, robotics. Basic skills related to automated design of products, programming of CNC machine tools and working on turning and drilling machines, preparation of models and 3D printing of parts, programming of microcontrollers, creation of software applications.

We invite you to the FAB LAB KPI Activity, where you can try yourself in the implementation of your ideas, and your project will then fall into the Gallery “Projects FAB LAB KPI”.

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