SmartZavod multimaterial 3D printers

We are proud and very happy! Congratulations to the graduates of our department Oleksiy Sontsev and Anton Yakhno on winning a $ 10,000 grant from the German Ministry of Education. Alexey and Anton completed their bachelor’s and master’s degrees and were educated at the Hochschule Hof, University of Applied Sciences. Alexey entered our graduate school (supervisor, vice-president of the National Academy of Higher Education of Ukraine, professor of KPI, doctor of technical sciences Kuznetsov Yuriy Mykolayovych). We wish Oleksiy and Anton good luck, success in the realization of their plans, and ease in achieving their goals!

Alexey and Anton have developed a fully automated 3D printer in which all operational movements that previously required the presence of a person are automated. the printer can be controlled completely remotely! Moreover, another interesting and very convenient solution is that the printer can be controlled remotely.


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