Admission to 1 course on External independent testing (ET) certificates

Bachelor is the first, initial academic degree or qualification awarded to persons who have mastered the relevant educational programs of higher education. Completed first level higher education in countries participating in the Bologna Process.

The special “131 – APPLIED MECHANICS” is a specialty in which teach to design and build machines. This specialty provides an opportunity to get the best technical education and become a professional in engineering. Applied mechanics is a specialty that will allow you to literally learn to industrial production, understand the structure of any industrial systems, aircraft and spaceships. Learn how new computer technologies are being introduced in production, freely work with all the necessary programs. We prepare high-level professionals for successful career growth in production facilities in international and Ukrainian companies; in the analytical, consulting and research field of activity, where the acquired knowledge and skills are highly valued by employers.

If you have just graduated from school, have already received a document on complete general secondary education and have passed external independent certification, it is time to choose your future profession. You will study for a bachelor’s degree – this is the first stage of higher education. Your studies at the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” will last 4 years. Based on the results, you will receive a diploma of higher education and the opportunity to continue your studies at the next level – in the magistracy.


Registration of electronic accounts – from July 1,

Reception of statements and documents – from July 14 to 18:00 on July 23 for applicants only with certificates of  ET , and at 18:00 on July 16 – for applicants applying on the basis of an interview or entrance exams (preferential categories of university entrants).

The enrollee will be able to submit up to 5 applications for budget bids and no more than 30 applications for bids proposal.

Competitive exams in the subject

Competition subjects for specialty “131 Applied mechanics” of the same for all

The list of competitive subjects in the ET, certificate and coefficients:

Ukrainian language – 0.25

Math – 0.5

Physics or Foreign language, or History of Ukraine or Chemistry or Geography, or Biology – 0.2

ET certificates in Ukrainian language and literature, mathematics, physics, foreign language, history of Ukraine, chemistry, geography, biology are accepted 2018 – 2021 years

The Competitive Score is calculated according to the formula given in the Terms of Admission.

The maximum score is 200.

The graduate’s competitive score is multiplied by the coefficient:

regional – 1.00- for Kiev;

industry – 1.02 for applications for 131 specialties (1 and 2 priorities), which has special support (Appendix 2 of the admission rules)

rural – 1.05 – for graduates of rural schools in 2020;

Extra points upon graduation from the faculty of pre-university training  – certificate points * 0.05

The minimum competitive score for participation in the competition in 2021 cannot be less than 125 points !!!

Main dates of the introductory campaign for the 1st year:

February 1 – March 5 – registration for participation in an external independent testing ;

May 21 – July 16 – external independent testing;

July 1 – start of registration of electronic accounts, download of necessary documents;

July 1 – 13 – Terms of entrance exams;

July 14 – Start of acceptance of applications and documents;

July 16, 18:00 – the end of the reception of applications and documents for persons who must pass a  exams (have the right to take entrance exams, interview), which organizes the KPI Igor Sikorsky;

July 17 – deadlines for interviews;

July 23, 18:00 – deadline for accepting applications and documents for persons applying as a result of external independent testing, exams, passed from 01 to 13 July;

no later than July 28 12:00 – the deadline for publication of the rating list of enrolee with the indication of those recommended for enrollment in the places of the state order;

18:00 August 2 – expiration of the deadline for entrants to enroll in the places of the state order;

no later than August 9 – enrollment of entrants by state order;

no later than August 11 – the end of receiving copies of documents to obtain special conditions for participation in the competition (for enrolls who participate in the competition at the expense of individuals and / or legal entities and apply for transfer);

17:00 August 12 – the deadline for meeting the requirements for enrollment by applicants who participate in the competitive selection to places funded by individuals and / or legal entities;

no later than August 17 – Enrollment of applicants at the expense of individuals and legal entities.

Dear Applicants! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine measures, the dates are subject to change. Stay tuned for updates!


Annexes to the rules of admission to the KPI them. Igor Sikorsky in 2021:

MMI selection committee hotline (097) 131 85 65

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