Educational program “ENGINEERING DESIGN TOOL SYSTEMS” – is a modern educational program that prepares a specialist capable of solving complex problems and problems of mechanical engineering in the world market.

At the senior courses of the university, we are offering the choice of disciplines “INSTRUMENTAL SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES OF SHAPING PARTS” within which professional design and technological training is conducted in the industry of tool production, as well as enhanced computer design training and for the design and 3D-models of complex profile products and tool systems, their improvement and optimization. In addition, in two international joint training centers for CAD / CAM technologies, “KPI – Autodesk” and “KPI – Delcam”, students study modern software such as Autodesk Inventor, Fusion360, Autodesk Simulation, Delcam PowerMILL, Delcam FeatureCAM, ArtCAM, etc.

The block of disciplines “ENGINEERING DESIGN” is a training model based on an innovative component of solving problems and problems of mechanical engineering in the world market in the direction of a harmonious symbiosis of a functional, aesthetic, ergonomic, technical and economic indicator of designed products.

A design engineer is a specialist who in a large production cooperates with an industrial designer and a design engineer, and in small business it is a designer-constructor-technologist who is able to offer an attractive idea for the consumer, make it in a three-dimensional computer model, calculate it from the point in terms of engineering parameters and implement technologies for its effective manufacture.

In most cases, all topics for master’s theses are proposed by the students themselves and have clear signs of start-up projects. Due to the complexity of projects, we create teams that work together on the same task.

The presence at the department of the FabLabKPI laboratory, which is equipped with modern equipment for processing on CNC machines, 3D printers, equipment for working with microelectronics, provides a means of putting them into practice models and prototypes in our department. The main disciplines of professional training are “Componetics”, “Artwork development”, “Computer design technologies”, “Additive manufacturing”, “Conventional technologies”, “Modeling of technical objects and systems” and others.

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